Systems Research

The flexibility of the research systems at ABT Innovia allows systems to be modified and added to at the need to the client. This allows us to offer the testing of systems incorporating novel or improved treatment steps or processes, and evaluate their effects on the water quality as well cultured species. 

Water quality

Parameters such as concentrations of dissolved organics, particulates, and trace elements in stocked systems can be determined to test the efficiency and efficacy of new components and/or processes.

Growth performance (growth rate, weight gain, etc.)

Water quality can affect the growth of cultured fish, and so in trials involving new or improved RAS system components, growth rate will be an important variable.


The effects of water quality on organism survival can be determined, to ensure components or processes do not adversely affect production potential.

Susceptibility to disease or parasitism

Challenge trials will test the susceptibility of aquatic animals to disease or parasite infestation, during testing of the novel component or process. Recognised microbiological and identification techniques will identify and quantify pathogens and/or parasites in the laboratory.


Determination of fluctuating asymmetry in early developmental aquatic organisms and Fulton’s condition factor (K) in later stage animals can be analysed to determine the sub lethal effects of the component or process on development. 

Flesh quality

Analysis of product marketability in terms of flesh quality as a result of experimental treatments can be determined, to ensure novel components or processes do not impact the finished product.

Presence of off flavours

Experience in the sampling for and analysis of earthy and musty off flavours in flesh allows this to be offered in addition to flesh quality analysis for marketability assessments in fish cultured under experimental conditions.