With an international team of staff, marketing assessments undertaken include a large variety of projects ranging from country / region specific assessments to product and product brand development & evaluation.


Assistance with the design of international marketing and sales is also provided in a variety of forms ranging from assessment and introduction of potential purchasers, through to independent liaison between clients relating to trade agreements.


Marketing Technology Transfers


The transfer of technologies, products and services to different markets is a complex and often difficult process. Understanding the languages and business cultures is important and can facilitate the marketing and technology transfer process. Staff at the AquaBioTech Group are recruited from various countries and their in-depth knowledge of technical, business and legislative aspects of the fisheries, aquaculture and the maritime industry. That allows them to provide clients with a service to effectively support their product. Market research may also be undertaken so as to determine the viability of a market and strategies created thus formulating an effective marketing & sales guide.


3D Modelling


A variety of 3D videos, models and images are created for a large diversity of international clients. Projects range from hatcheries, fish farms, fish landing ports and seafood processing facilities to other maritime activities (marine renewable energy, marine biotechnology and seabed mining) and multi-use offshore platforms. More complex projects have also involved the modelling of highly detailed engineering projects. All projects undertaken are completed in-house and projects with short delivery times are very common for our company to undertake. We also undertake a variety of work that is subcontracted from other international companies.


International Trading Operations


The AquaBioTech Group actively assists in the creation of offshore companies (International Trading Company - ITC). Malta’s favourable taxation system encourages many foreign companies that are export orientated to register their operations in Malta, thus maximising their profits.