Risk Assessment


An issue that is heavily over-looked in the aquaculture and fisheries industry is how essential it is for any operation is to ensure that a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is researched, drafted and instigated with regular reviews undertaken, at least once a year.


Disaster Recovery Planning


Disaster recovery Planning (DRP) is an essential part of any business operation in the modern world as the ability to be able to get your company back on its feet after an event will determine those that are able to survive financially and those that disappear.


AquaBioTech Group staff and personnel who have undertaken hazard and risk assessments for our clients work to provide valuable solutions that reduce these risks from occuring, but can never proclude them from ever happening, especially where the level of risk is directly out of your control.

Taking this exercise to its next level requires that the analysis of these hazards and levels of risk is then translated into defining a viable and realistic response to each hazard, thus further minimising the medium and longterm impact of the hazard occurance. Researching, drafting and implementing a full Disaster Recovery Plan is a complex, yet highly affordable exercise for any company to undertake and its preparation can also reflect positively on the cost of obtaining insurance cover.