Veterinary Research


The veterinary research unit is geared towards undertaking various aspects of applied research into vaccine development, testing, efficacy and challenge trials as well as other treatments for viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases in aquatic animals. Such testing can be carried out for either new products or batch testing for established products.


Challenge Trials


Efficacy of vaccines, antibiotics, health promoting feed additives and other treatments can be ascertained through challenge trials. Agreed protocols will be carried out in accordance with GLP guidelines, including elements such as the challenge, sampling, pathology, and reside testing, as required. Full GLP certification is currently being sought for this type of work.


Safety Trials


Testing of safety of veterinary or health promoting products in target species can be performed using a range of protocols, to be agreed with the client.


Pharmacological Residues


Residue analysis can be carried in target species for veterinary products, to ensure end user safety and compliance with legislation.