Marine Biology Courses 2016

Marine Biology Courses were organized by the AquaBioTech Group  for the second time during summer 2016 and were very successful. This time, participants from many different countries took part in a 3-day session, led by dr. Alan Deidun, in which they had the chance to learn a lot of things about Marine Biology. The coastal environment and the species that can be found in the Mediterranean region were just some of the topics that were covered, as well as a Scuba-Diving session which offered the participants the chance to discover the Mediterranean sea.


The first course took place in July, with participants coming from Malta, United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. It was a unique experience for all of them, giving them the opportunity to get into the amazing world of Marine Biology in just 3 days. Some of the comments that they made are :


It was a pleasure hearing prof. Deidun share his experience with us

As a beginner, it was very interesting and the material was very accessible. I will definitely be using ideas and resources during lessons with my own students - a definite thumbs up for the superb effect.

We would like to thank all the participants that attended the courses and we hope that it had been an unforgettable experience for them.



ABT Courses Team



BYEFOULING Training Course


In the frame of BYEFOULING, the AquaBioTech Group organized a training course on antifouling testing and aquaculture consisting of both practical and theoretical elements. Lectures were given on the fundamentals of antifouling testing (mechanisms of common biocides, antifouling testing models, major marine habitats, etc.) and aquaculture (general overview, obstacles, biofouling in aquaculture, recent trends, etc.). Practical antifouling tests were executed in AquaBioTech Group’s laboratories on anti-macrofouling bioassays, chlorophyll analysis via spectrophotometry and biomass determination.

Participants were able to visit the AquaBioTech Group field test sites and perform semi-quantitative assessment of fouling communities on coatings for the shipping and aquaculture industry. The course was addressed to ten young researchers, PhD students and engineers. The training course took place during 8-9 October 2015, at AquaBioTech Group, Malta. Participants included representatives from Jotun, Smallmatek Lda, the University from Santiago de Compostella, the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Zunibal ltd, Sintef, the University of Mons, the University of Liverpool and Cidetec.


Byefouling Training Course




Marine Biology Courses 2014

Our first summer of Marine Biology Courses is completed! And it has been a great success!

We were very happy to host participants from so many different countries but all with common interests for the marine biology and underwater life.  

Some comments from the 2014 participants can be found below:


Raymond Agius - from the UK: “I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would certainly recommend the course.”


Nicolas Warzee - (French student, currently living in Malta): “I would like to thank Prof. Alan Deidun and the AquaBioTech Group for the great opportunity you've given us, I have enjoyed every second of it. I am looking forward to any future events that you might organise.



ABT Courses Team