AquaBioTech Group to attend S-Cubed Summer Science Spectacle

The AquaBioTech Group is more than proud to announce that our company will be amongst the major sponsors of the Summer Science Spectacle, organised by the S-Cubed : Science Students' Society of the University of  Malta. The AquaBioTech Group will attend the event that will take place on July 29 at Tigne Square in Sliema, Malta and participants will be able to discover science, as well as talk with our representatives.

Summer Science Spectacle

This event is aimed towards people of all ages and shall include experiments which shall intrigue different people forming part of the crowd. The experiments shall incorporate all major sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Statistics & Operations Research

More information about the event and the Society can be found on the S-Cubed website and the event page.