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MARIBE (Marine Investment for the Blue Economy) is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to unlock the potential of multi-use of space in the offshore economy (also referred to as Blue Economy**). This forms part of the long-term Blue Growth* strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole; something which is at the heart of the the Integrated Maritime Policy, the EU Innovation Union, and the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable growth. MARIBE links and cross-cuts with the Transatlantic Ocean Research Alliance and the Galway Statement by reviewing the three European basins (Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Baltic) as well as the Caribbean Basin.


The project is an 18 month project that is funded by the European Commission and is led by a consortium of 11 partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Malta and the Netherlands. It is coordinated by University College Cork (MaREI).


Business models will first be mapped according to best practice methodology, cognisant of their value chains. The technical and non-technical challenges of the business will be measured based on their life cycle stage and proposals made for their mitigation. Key stakeholders from all sectors of Blue Economy to BG will be engaged, as well as key investors.


Outcome from the project will include toolkits and guidelines for stakeholders and investment community with regards to the BG socio-economic trends and technical and non-technical challenges as well as reports on best business models for BG.


*Blue Growth is the long term strategy to support sustainable growth within the Blue Economy incorporating life-cycle assessment.  It encompasses technologies that have high growth and job potential and by their nature they are early stage and novel.


**The Blue Economy incorporates technologies that are mature or post-mature stage such as oil & gas, tourism, shipping and fishing. 


Project reference: 652629

Status: In progress

Total cost: EUR 1 977 250

EU contribution: EUR 1 977 250

Programme acronym: H2020-BG-2014-1

Subprogramme area: BG-05-2014 - Preparing for the future innovative offshore economy

Contract type: CSA - Coordination & support action

Website: www.maribe.eu

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 MARIBE Brochure

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VicInAqua will follow an integrated approach in order to develop a sustainable combined sanitation and recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) for wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture in the Victoria Lake Basin area. In this decentralized integrated treatment system wastewater from households and fish processing industry as well as RAS production water will radically reduce stress on the sensitive ecosystems of the Lake Victoria and will contribute to food and health security. It will be operated fully autonomous powered by renewable energies (PV, biogas). The RAS will particularly produce high quality fingerlings of the local fish species to supply the pond aquaculture of the area with stocking material.


The innovative core idea of the project is to develop and test new technologies which enable the integration of sanitation with the aquaculture in a sustainable manner. The core of the project concept is to develop and test a novel self-cleaning water filters which consist of a highly efficient particle filter as well as a membrane bioreactor (MBR) as principal treatment unit within a combined treatment system where the nutrient rich effluent water will be used for agricultural irrigation. the surplus sludge from both filter systems will be co-digested with agricultural waste and local water hyacinth to produce biogas. The overall concept will promote sound approaches to water management for agriculture, taking into consideration broader socio-economic factors and also fomenting job creation and greater gender balance in decision-making. The pursued approach will be perfectly in line with the strategic guidelines of the Rio+20 and the post-2015 development framework.


Project reference: 689427

Status: In progress

Total cost: EUR 2 997 710

EU contribution: EUR 2 997 710

Programme acronym: H2020-EU.3.5.4.

Subprogramme area: WATER-5c-2015

Website : vicinaqua.eu

E-mail: jan.hoinkis@hs-karlsruhe.de

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 VicInAqua Brochure

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