Our Capabilities

Aquaculture R&D


ABT Innovia offers research services to support the development of vaccines, functional feeds, alternative protein sources, culture technologies and production techniques with a wide range of commercially important species under any combination of culture conditions in our fully licensed and bio-secure R&D facilities.


Main interest areas
•  Health & disease prevention
•  Aquatic nutrition research
•  Nutraceutical development
•  New species development
•  Production techniques
•  Hatchery technology
•  Algae production 


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Consultancy & RAS


ABT Aquaculture is a leading aquaculture consulting and technical support company that forms part of the AquaBioTech Group. The company has grown to become one of the largest dedicated independent aquaculture consulting companies operating on a truly global scale.


With clients and projects in over forty-five (45) countries and a team of over twenty-five (25) highly qualified and experienced staff and personnel, the company draws on a wealth of experience and expertise covering all aspects of aquaculture planning, feasibility, development and operation.


We are involved in:
•  Cage aquaculture
•  Land-based aquaculture
•  Hatcheries
•  Marketing
•  Operations support


ABT Aquaculture has developed a number of highly efficient and cost effective Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). These can be applied to hatcheries, broodstock, aquatic research and on-growing operations. Our highly sustainable approach incorporates aquaponic and hydroponic systems. We constantly strive to be at the forefront of our industry by testing and developing innovative technologies.


RAS R&D includes:
•  Wastewater treatment
•  Aquaponics/hydroponics
•  Energy efficiency
•  Sustainability
•  Technology
•  Innovation


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 ABT Aquaculture 
 Recirculation Aquaculture Systems

Marine Surveying & GIS


ABT Marine provides a range of services including marine surveying, construction support and mapping/GIS. The techniques we employ include bathymetric and side scan sonar surveys, bottom type assessments, sub-bottom assessments, data confirmation and site inspections using both remote sensing and underwater video techniques.


•  Environmental Impact Assessments
•  Geophysical investigations
•  Marine construction
•  Marine archaeology
•  Marine engineering
•  Marine surveying
•  Baseline studies


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 Marine Surveying and GIS



The environmental division of the company, known as ABT Environmental undertakes a variety of hydrological, geological, bathymetric and aquatic ecological studies for both freshwater and marine environments along with waste management plans as part of any Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. Through LCA we can identify all impacts cumulative through different vectors in the short, medium and long term – water and carbon footprint.


The company is also involved in different water re-use and waste water treatment projects for aquaculture and agriculture.


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 ABT Environmental



The AquaBioTech Group undertakes Fisheries Development projects from their initial inception and planning stages through to the commencement of the project. Our team of ecological, environmental, social and economics specialists provide full analysis of the related impacts.


•  Sustainable livelihoods
•  Artisanal fisheries
•  Fishery assessments
•  Fishing company
•  Seafood processing


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Aquariums & Ornamentals


ABT Aquatics has experienced consultants specializing in all engineering, husbandry and technical aspects. Our in-house experts have extensive networks of contacts covering all manner of possibilities allowing for the successful execution of aquarium projects. Our team of biologists also provide training for aquarium staff and continual support ranging from veterinarian and pathology, through to nutrition and breeding programmes.


We provide:
•  Feasibility studies and due-diligence
•  Planning and concept
•  Management support
•  Life support systems


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 ABT Aquatics

Market Research

ABT Technologies is the market research and technology division of the AquaBioTech Group undertaking a large number of studies including a variety of scoping and detailed feasibility studies. Market research and market intelligence assessments are also commissioned on a variety of subjects from fisheries to vetriceuticals.


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 Market Research & Intelligence