This pilot project aims to help the small-scale coastal fishing to overpass a number of problems which limit the possible potential of the small scale fisheries sector. The main objective of this project is to facilitate and increase the level of involvement of the small scale fishers in the advisory and decision-making processes by transfer of knowledge, informative education, and exchange of experiences, good practices and networking. This will be achieved through a set of seminars, workshops, presentations and interviews. These actions will be implemented simultaneously in three Mediterranean countries (Greece, Cyprus, Malta) so as to increase the level of information shared and give the fishers the opportunity to gain knowledge. Each country will follow the same methodology in order to identify similarities, weaknesses and strengths, and learn the good practices used in other countries. The trans-European character of the project will contribute to the opening of new perspectives for the small scale fishermen. The active involvement of fishers at the decision making and advisory bodies will facilitate both the bottom up approach and the information dissemination to the sector.


Website: www.eastmedfishers.eu


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 Small Scale Fisheries Brochure