Operations Support


Creating a new aquaculture operation or taking over / restructuring an existing operation is only the first step in the creation of a viable business entity. AquaBioTech Group seeks to assist clients through every step of their business and provide timely information to clients so that their actions can be proactive and ahead of the competition.


So as to ensure that our clients stay on top, our company invests heavily in undertaking extensive market research and market intelligence.  This information is updated regularly and conveyed to our clients in a variety of methods. 




Whilst the undertaking of regular efficiency audits by external consultants is considered the preferred option for any operation thus ensuring problems are minimised.  In reality businesses are usually only reactive to problems rather than being proactive.


When problems do arise, the AquaBioTech Group`s extensive team of senior consultants within its staff are not only highly experienced, but also have access to the very latest research and development via the AquaBioTech Group`s own research, development and training facility - ABT Innovia.  Combined these staff and facilities offer one of the most advanced independent response units within the aquaculture industry.


The perspective and knowledge that our independent consultants bring to any project or operation is considerable and designed to bring the maximum benefits to our clients in the shortest possible time frame. 


Whilst having a team of consultants to fall back on is reassuring, the AquaBioTech Group encourages its clients to foster a different management ethos whereby proactive actions are designed to reduce risks and mitigate impacts.  This style of management has been proven to ensure a higher level of continuity in operations leading to higher profitability.